Nieuwe Tijdinghen wt het Conincklijcke Hoff van Polen. Met noch Tijdinghe uut Duytslandt, ende Weenen in Oostenrijck.

(New Tidings from the Royal Court of Poland. With more Tidings from Germany, and Vienna in Austria.)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, 28 January 1622.


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The Royal Court in Poland, December 1621Edit

  • The King of Poland is visiting the borders with the nobility of the kingdom; he is very brave; the Turks would really have suffered if the general had not died and Prince Wladislaus fallen sick, and if Gustavus the Usurper had not seized the Crown of Sweden and invaded Livonia. The whole world knows that but for these facts, Poland would have destroyed the might of the Turk. etc. etc.

Vienna, December 1621Edit

  • Confirmation of Bethlen Gabor's* retreat
  • News that the Turk* is planning a summer offensive.
  • The emperor is to leave for Innsbruck by 18 January, to hold court there a while, and will then go to the Deputationstag if it is not postponed due to the new perils facing the Empire.
  • Because the Bishop of Halberstadt is serving against the Emperor within the Empire, the ambassador of Brunswick was told before his departure illegible on microfilm


The summary/transcription of this document is incomplete.

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