Nieuwe Tijdinghe wt Mentz, vanden Grave van Mansfeldt. Met Tijdinghe uut Vlaenderen, van Sluys, ende Oostende. Noch Tijdinghe wt Italien, en Duytslandt.

(New Tidings from Mainz, of the Count of Mansfeld. With Tidings from Flanders, from Sluis, and Ostend. More news from Italy and Germany.)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, 11 March 1622.


Mainz, 1 March 1622Edit

  • Mansfeld* weakening; desertions exceeding new levies.

Flanders, 3 March 1622Edit

  • Fort Royale on the Geul before Sluis* progressing well; workers getting 8 shillings a day. Sluis will perhaps be a second Jülich*.

Ostend, 4 March 1622Edit

  • Metal cannon arriving daily; 20 ships being fitted out; sturdy men arriving in great numbers

Paris, 28 February 1622Edit

  • Clergy to give a million crowns for the war against the Huguenots. Calvinists to be destroyed because "this Bloodthirsty Sect can serve no end but the destruction of the State, and the Ruin of all Lawful Authority, as all Christendom can now attest."

Rome, undatedEdit

  • Rev. Lord Verospi* has left with the blessed roses and the sacred relics that the Pope wishes to present to the new empress* as a wedding gift.
  • From Naples: Viceroy* instituted an investigation to identify the ringleaders of the latest bread-riot.

Venice, February 1622Edit

  • From Genoa*: Senate there sending famine relief to Levant.
  • Five Catholic Swiss Cantons sending Leopold* 10 companies foot.

Vienna, undatedEdit

  • Ulrich von Eggenberg* left for Graz* to take up the governorship there.
  • Cardinal Dietricheim* left here for Nicholasberg on 26 January; his silverware is still missing and robberies in Moravia* continue.
  • The Hungarian Commissioners appointed by the Emperor to oversee Bethlen Gabor's* withdrawal have departed.
  • The regiments of Schaumberg and Trautmandorf, and Duke Henry Julius of Saxony’s cavalry, to be sent to Alsace against Mansfeld; Neapolitans and Walloons to winter in Bohemia.
  • Sixteen prisoners have been released but sentenced to lose half their goods; Goldt is still in prison.
  • The mints of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria have been let to Prague merchant Hans de Witte* and the Jew Passevi* and companions for 6,100,000 guilders per annum.
  • Ducats now at 6 guilders, 45 creutzers; Reichsthalers at 3 guilders, 30 creutzers.
  • Otto Nostitz*, Reichshofrat, has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of Silesia*.


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