Nieuwe Tijdinghe Van sHertogenbossche hoe dat die Soldaeten aldaer, onder t’beleyt van Cappiteyn Dierick, het Marckt-schip van Gorcum hebben ghenomen

(New Tidings of 's-Hertogenbosch, how the Soldiers there under Captain Dierick took the market ship of Gorcum)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, 7 January 1622


's-Hertogenbosch, 18 December 1621Edit

  • While the captain of the warship on the Maas was dining with the governor of Crevecoeur, on 13 December, 6 sloops with soldiers from 's-Hertogenbosch, commanded by Captain Dierick, took over the substitute patrol ship and collected revenue from all the river shipping. They 'confiscated' the market ship of Gorcum, richly laden with a cargo of cheese, oil, beer, brandywine, etc., and brought it into ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Amsterdam, 15 December 1621Edit

  • News has come that the Spaniards have captured 2 more ships sailing to Levant with linen, each worth £100,000; of 20 ships lately sailed out, 10 were heading for West Indies, but have returned with nothing.

Prague, December 1621Edit

  • Busy arming to resist Bethlen Gabor.
  • Elector of Saxony left Breslau to arm himself against Gabor.
  • Hungarian princes begin to suspect Gabor, his poisoning of princes and alliance with Turks; changes may be expected in Hungary. Hungary, Gabor and Frederick of the Palatinate now cursed throughout these countries, as are the Pure Calvinist Brethren.

Mainz, 15 December 1621Edit

  • Halberstadt requested border passage from officers of Elector of Mainz, and abused it to take possession of Amoeneburg; 'Calvinist Bishop' had been at school in the Dutch army.

Seville, 16 December 1621Edit

  • News that sea war against Dutch to be intensified. Over 60 galleons being equipped; to pass Straits of Gibralatar this year, Dutch would need 300 well-appointed warships. Money should not be lacking if orders properly followed; fleet came in richly laden, thank God.

Amsterdam, 25 December 1621Edit

  • News from Spain of the Silver Fleet and naval preparations.
  • Suspicion of the Transylvanian* disturbing, but hopes pinned on English ‘Negotiation’. Also worries about Spinola's* blockade and effect of frost on garrisons; trade slack, taxes raised.

Rome, 30 November 1621Edit

  • On Monday Rev. Sir Vulpio Datarino was ordered by his Holiness to take new Bull of the Conclave round for cardinals’ signatures.
  • On the same day, congregation of deputed cardinals met in palace of cardinal Bandino to discuss Dispensation for Spanish Match.
  • On Tuesday the pope in consistory gave a cardinal's hat to Cardinal of Zolleren
  • Confirmation from Messina that General Leiua took 5 Turkish ships with Catholic Fleet, 3 of which have been brought into Messina richly laden. Leiua now with Fleet off the channel of Constantinople, awaiting grain ships.

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Ianuarius 1622 3
Nieuwe Tijdinghe Van sHertogenbossche hoe dat die Soldaeten aldaer, onder t’beleyt van Cappiteyn Dierick, het Marckt-schip van Gorcum hebben ghenomen, ter wijlen den Capiteyn vanden Geusen Oorlochsman, by den Gouverneur vande Schansse Creveceur te gast was. Met nog andere Tijdinghen uut Amsterdam in Holllandt.
Eerst Gedruct den 11. Januarij 1622.
[composite woodcut: fort and boat]
T'Hantwerpen, By Abraham Verhoeven, op de Lombaerde veste, inde Gulde Sonne

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Sig. C4; 8 pp.

Brussels, Royal Library Albert I