The first route described in The European Mercury by James Wadsworth runs from Rome to Bologna.

  • From Rome to Isola the first Stage; which is but an Inn, M.9
  • From thence to Baccano a Village m.7.
  • Mounterosi a Village, m.6.
  • Ronciglione a Castle, m.8.
  • Viterbo a Citie, m.10.
  • Montefiascone an ancient Citie, m.8.
  • StLawrence a Castle, m.9.
  • Ponte-centino a Vil.m.8.
  • Paglia a Village, m.9.
  • Scala an Inn, m.8.
  • Torineri a Village, m.8.
  • Lusignano a Castle, m.8.
  • Siena a Citie, m.8.
  • Stagia a Castle, m.9.
  • Tavernelle a Village, m.8.
  • St Cassiano a Castle, m.8.
  • Florence a Citie, m.9.
  • Vaglia or good Fountaine, an Inn, m.9.
  • Scarpiera a Castle, m.8.
  • Rifreddo a Village, m.7.
  • Pietra mala a Village, m.7.
  • Lojano a Village, m.8.
  • Pianora a Village, m.8.
  • Bologna the chiefest Citie in Romania in Italy, m.9.

Numb. of Stages, 24.

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